Bags and bobs

Bags are a must if you need to carry a fair amount of things I am told. So we went and bought some bags (and a few other bits).

We headed for Decathlon in London, as we had been told that this place had a load of bits at very reasonable prices. I am no expert in what we needed for this trip, but I have done some reading and I have enjoyed some camping and hiking in the past, so I think we had a good enough idea of what we needed to get. We are not hard core trekkers, so Decathlon seem to stock pretty much everything we needed (we think….). I will of course be topping up our travelling stock with the odd few bits from Amazon as well though. I’ll use that Prime account right up until the last minute if I can!

So what did we get?

  • 60L rucksack
  • 30L day sack
  • 20L day sack
  • head torches
  • sleeping bag liners
  • waterproof jackets and trousers
  • trekking trousers
  • first aid kit
  • water bottles
  • socks

The rucksacks I would say, are not going to be the very best you get, but for us they will do the job for this trip (we think). The smaller bags are actually pretty comfy and I’m hoping that is still the case when we start wearing them every day for 6 months. I went for just a 60L main bag, as we are going to try and travel as light as possible. Kumu already has a decent 60L bag. We have watched quite a few videos, and heard from a number of our friends, that you just don’t need to take too much with you; especially clothes. So we are taking that advice and we are going for the ‘one week’s worth of clothes’ option. Let’s just hope we can actually find a place to wash them, or we might be the couple being avoided on the bus…

All the other bits are pretty normal so we weren’t really too fussed about it being super special. As long as it gets us through the 6 months, we are all good. there are a few other bits we still need to get (boots for me, travel pillows, new travel chargers/batteries), and we should be picking those up in the next few weeks.

We do need to sort a camera for the trip too. I have signed up to a self taught photography online course (which I’ll write a piece on and link to) which helps you understand the photography hardware better as well as teaching you about taking the photos, so I’ll be taking some advice from that when we buy the camera.

As I am going to do with other parts of this trip, I’ll be adding in these bits into the log of all the costs for this trip, but as a rough guide, we are looking to have sorted all the things we need to take on the trip for about £500 for the two of us (not including the camera).

CaYf – Rikki.

Decathlon website:

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