The start of unemployment

Right! The day finally came where we both finished up at work. I finished a couple of weeks ago and Kumu finishes today. It’s a pretty odd feeling, knowing that you now don’t have a job to worry about each day and you are able to get up and focus just on your personal life; maybe this is what retirement is?? Last week I was sorting bits for leaving our flat in London (that was not an easy task….), and now we are back down in Sussex, England with my parents for the next few months. We have decided to take the two months off work before we head off so we can see all our family and friends before we go, and spend some real time with them, rather than just the odd visit on the weekends. It also gives us all the time we need to plan the trip without having to fit it in around work hours. We both enjoy reading other blogs about where we are going, and hours can go by before you realise the time, so it will be good to have the time to do that and hopefully really get ourselves prepared so we can make the most out of our time away.

I am hoping Kumu has a good last day and leaves feeling the same way I did the other week; On a good note, with accomplishments behind you. Although you never know, my bosses and people I worked with might have a different opinion, but I hope not.

It’s always a shame to leave people behind, and I have left some great people behind at where I used to work, so I am hoping I can still manage to stay in touch with them now I have left. And for the guys I did work with, no work questions in the comments :). We had a pretty mental night for our leaving do the other week. I was amazed at how many people we had turn up for it in the end. Everyone was definitely on form that night! I think i managed to take one photo from that night, and as usual with drunken photos, it was dark, blurry and pretty much useless, so have a look at that one on Instagram if you have 10 seconds of your life that you don’t mind wasting. All in all though, a really great night to say bye to everyone from work.

On my second to last day I realised it would be the last time I would be wearing a suit for maybe a year. After wearing one for such a long time every day for work. I really enjoy mixing and matching a suit and accessories, and those I have worked with will know all about that. I now need to think about what to wear each day, so bring on the hobo look! This was the photo we took on my last day – Instagram Photo

This also now means we can get cracking on the Blog. I have a ton of posts stacked up that need to be finished and released, and this will be this week’s task; get up to speed and get into a rhythm.

Now where is my coffee!?

CaYf – Rikki

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