The last East Hoathly for a while

Little bit late getting this one out, as East Hoathly was early November. East Hoathly is a local bonfire celebration that I have been going to for about 12 years with friends and family. Kumu joined the annual tradition 2 years ago and we had our last one this November. It was quite sad knowing we won’t be going there again for the foreseeable future, however all good things must come to an end at some point, and for good reasons. It will also be nice to come back later down the line for a get together at East Hoathly and have a good old reminisce about the old days. You can’t beat those times when you remember all the stupid and silly things you did when you were younger.

East Hoathly to me in recent years was a good chance to catch up with friends after moving to London 5 years ago. It also has some banging fireworks (pun intended!). Introducing Kumu to the events was pretty funny, as her first impression was that it was some sort of cult with all the marching with fire and shouting, but I just explained that this is just what country folk do in Sussex. She also said it was the best fireworks she had ever seen, so well done East Hoathly!

One of our favourite parts is seeing what the bonfire sculpture is each year, and our favourite from recent years was the robot from a couple of years ago. The fire is coming out of the robot’s mouth and you can just about see his eyes just above the flames.

EH Robot

And here are three photos from each we have been going together, where we have tried to take the same photo each time (I think Kumu has aged better than me in the last few years). We think the second year was the best set of fireworks.



CaYf – Rikki

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