We got our flights!

WE BOOKED OUR FLIGHT!!!  finally….

So we finally booked our flights tonight. Took us a little while longer than we thought, but we were making sure we got the right date for the start of the trip. We have decided to not go to the Carnival in Salvador, as neither of us were that fused about it, and with it costing so much, we decided against it in the end; So we are flying into Rio.

Air Portugal (who we are fling with) have a great offer that allows you to stop over in Lisbon or Porto for no extra cost when you book a flight that needs a change in either of those cities. We chose to take a night in Lisbon and go on a historical tour while we are there (this is also offered free by Air Portugal).

We used Google Flights to find our flight in the end, as we found this to be the most straightforward to use. It also seems to bring back the best prices.

So here we go, it’s official!!


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