What should we ship?

Part of our travels is the bigger move to the other side of the world. We are moving to Melbourne and one of the questions we face is what do we take with us and what do we get rid of?

The whole process really makes you think about what you really need as part of your day to day life and what you have just been lugging around all these years for no real reason. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate in short period of time. Kumu came to London in January 2014 with just one big suitcase and a back pack on her back. By the time we left, she had 15 boxes worth of things. I moved to London in April 2013 with a car load of things and moved a couple of times, yet I still lug that car full of stuff around with me. Now that we have to pay for it to be shipped to Melbourne, and when every little bit of space counts towards the cost, I think to myself, ‘do I really use this?’, ‘When was the last time I used that?’. It’s actually quite a refreshing feeling knowing that you must be selective on what you consider as something you want to hang on to. I have watched a raft of videos on the tiny house movement and the minimalist lifestyle, and it really does make you think, when you have to start making the choice of what to keep and what to part with, why do I need all of these thing that take up space? What do I really use it for? Would I miss it? Does it actually add to my happiness day to day? Or is it just a man draw item that I think will be useful? (Gents we all love our man draw, and giving it up is a very difficult decision, although it does mean I can go and kit out a brand new one when I get to Melbourne!). This is now the only area that I want to have random odd ‘bits’.

We have chosen to go with a company called Anglo Pacific. They ship to a load of countries and are a really simple service so far. They dropped off a load of boxes and all the wrapping gear for us and we now just pay for what we have filled up. So tip is to order more boxes than what you think you need just in case. You will pay more if you have to get them to come out and drop off more boxes, but not filling some they have already delivered is no extra cost.

Depending on how quickly you need your things to get there, you can choose from a few different ways to get it there; boat or air. Boat takes longer, but costs less, and air is quicker, but costs more. We have gone for the boat option as this one can take up to 12 weeks to get there, and this is absolutely fine for us. From what I can tell, the boat prices are based on the cubic feet, however the air is based on both size AND weight. There are still restrictions on how much you can get in one box in weight terms, as the movers still need to be able to lift it…. I think the limit for one box is 32kg; the same as most airline suitcase maximum weights I believe. Our quote for around 36 cubic feet was around £320, but we have gone over that slightly.

It’s been a bit tricky living out of our half packed boxes the last few months, and in a way we are glad to be downsizing to our backpacks for a few months. However, the boxes get collected today, and it marks a big first milestone for us (we had a couple’s high five this morning over it….). It all starts to feel a lot more real once things like this start to happen.

Next milestone…. FLYING!!!

Rikki, CaYf

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