Mountain biking and white water rafting in San Rafael

Well this was an ace day all round! There isn’t too much to write about just mainly pictures in this one, so relax and just have a browse on this one.

This was our second day in San Rafael and we had arranged a tour with RentaBike San Rafael to go to the CaƱon del Atuel. The day was a mainly downhill one on the bikes with us ending up at a white water rafting place. They structure the day so you are not huffing it uphill all day, which is great for beginners like us two. We stopped off at a number of little lookout spots along the way, and had lunch down by a river.

It was unsealed dirt roads for 90% of the day, but nothing too drastic and the guys that took us on the tour were brilliant. Anna and Manuel were so friendly, and Anna was ace for translating everything for us!

The white water rafting was just a level 2 one, so not going to throw you out the boat, but was still great fun for my first time, and Kumu’s second time. At one point, we got the chance to jump in the river off the side of the boat and have the current pull us along with the boat. We were taught how to get into the boat and how to help people in if you are already in the boat. I did this with one guy and managed to pull him straight into my lap and simultaneously sit on someone behind me…. Oops! (3rd to last in the gallery)

Anyway, as I say, all about the pictures this one, so enjoy!!

P.s. the website for the San Rafael bike rental is

CaYf Rikki

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