Taking a dip in the thermal pools

Now what would a holiday be if there wasn’t a bit of relaxing in a hot pool… Personally I think it would be rude if we didn’t go and try them out. As the title suggests, we took a day trip to some thermal pools out in Cacheuta (here is it is on Google maps ). The pools have a number of different sized pools, and all at different temperatures. One of them was so hot it was like being one of those croutons in a Cuppa soup; you slowly go all floppy. This place seemed to be a popular on with the locals, as it was very busy and everyone was in big family groups eating their Sunday BBQs. Around all the pools in the setting areas there were big brick BBQs, and some of the cuts of meat on them were Incredible! Easily enough there to feed the family for a week, let alone the afternoon. This reminded me of all the big family Meals we have had and how great they are having all the family there just scoffing away and talking.

There was also a big cold pool with this big rock thing in the middle of it. This one you might as well have called up torvil and dean to see if they fancy a quick skate on it. The rock would either shoot water out of the top or start creating waves from the bottom (both just as cold…). Around the outside of all the lower pools there was one of those lazy rivers. Not big enough for the good old rubber rings unfortunately, but it had a bit of a current to it, so you could still do the lazy bit of the lazy river.

Cost for this one was 200 Argentinan pesos (just under 8 British pounds), and we think it was worth a little trip out for. The bus out there was only a few quid too. We didn’t get too many photos from here, as we didn’t have the camera with us all day, but there are lots on TripAdvisor and the Google link above. There is basically a selfie and that’s it…

Next up, the big one, the W Trek! But it’s not quite what you think…

CaYf Rikki

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