Hola chicos! So this a bit of a special post and it doesn’t relate to our travels! Instead I have decided to use our blog as a small memento to my parents – Appa and Amma. 2018 is a big milestone for the whole whanau (family) as my parents are turning 60, they just celebrated their 34th anniversary, my not so little brother turns 21 and I turn 30! And to keep it complete happy 32nd to my older brother and my sister in law.

Let’s start from the beginning, my parents met at university and have known each other for 39 years. They have similar names Selvaraj and Silvarani (in Tamil, Raj meaning king, and Rani meaning queen), born in the same year just a month apart and sharing the same Chinese zodiac. Whilst they share many similarities, each have very different personalities, and it works!

Appa the social butterfly, laidback, “chilled out” guy, passionate about our religion, and so very keen to help and talk to anyone he meets. Amma always active and keeping fit, always supporting Appa with whatever he does except for his afternoon naps on the weekends 😉, making sure there is always food for the many spontaneous invites my dad gives out and making sure everything is organised and tidy.

Both came from very humble beginnings. Appa was brought up in a rubber tapping village in Slimriver, Malaysia. To make sure we don’t forget how easy we have it today, my brothers and i have heard the story of him and his mates having to walk for hours after his graduation to get some rice for dinner. Amma one of eight siblings somehow with her determination managed to get herself into university (this is a rarity for females back in the day) and went on to work for the Ministry of Health in Malaysia for many many years. As i said before, they found each other during their time in university and based on the photo evidence below I always ask them how is this possible haha 🤣


Living in London for 4 years I have missed a lot of family events and will be missing this milestone as well, whilst Appa will be celebrating in Gold Coast with the rest of the family. Amma has no plans yet but together they will be doing a pilgrimage walk up Mt Kailash in June to celebrate this milestone – and they have been training hard for this. It hasn’t been easy being far from family but this will change soon!

Most people that know me know I find if really hard to tell people that are very dear to me how i feel. Well expressing emotions in general is not easy! As I have grown in the last few years I am definitely more in touch with my emotional side!

I don’t think I ever told my parents the love I have for them and the gratitude I have for the sacrifices and hard work they have put in for us to be where we are today. If my parents didn’t make the hard decision of leaving everything behind and moving to a completely new country in 2002, I definitely wouldn’t be sitting in Bolivia writing this.

Ok so yes it definitely hasn’t been all rosey, there are two major life events my parents will not forget as I always remind them of it – years of doing taekwondo in Malaysia, working all the way to a brown belt and not one single photo. Was this just a way to get rid of my brother and I every week for a few hours on a Saturday…hmm. And the second one, my dad denying me off a hammock when we were holidaying in Vietnam! It was so cheap! Pretty trivial I know haha

I am sorry I cant be there with you celebrating but I hope you have the best time.

Happy 34th anniversary and Happy 60th birthday! Thank you for giving everything you have, for being such great parents and people.

It’s always hard to put into words what I like to say. But I hope the message comes across!

Lastly to my not so little brother Lexmen, who is turning 21 this year, happy birthday! I hate to admit this but he is so smart and filled with all sorts of information. He keeps the family youthful with his jokes and general silliness. I think everyone was surprised as to how well he did MC ing at my oldest brothers wedding, as he was very secretive about his material before hand. Enjoy the last year of uni before you head into proper adulthood!

Here is a collection of memorable photos from their 25th surprise wedding anniversary party, Vinudan’s graduation, Appa’s 50th birthday trip to Melbourne, my two grandmothers on vacation with us and more!

Hasta Luvego

5 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Well said and a wonderful tribute to mum & dad. Stephen & I are privileged to know you and your family. Lots of love to you.


  2. Well done Kumu. Your parents deserve the applause. What I like most about them is their humbleness and friendliness. (Not to mention dad’s entertainment skills as well) They have both done well and imparted their guidance to their children as well. God bless you both,Raj & Rani.


  3. Awwww Kumu what a tribute … so heartfelt and beautiful adoration for the lovely family you have. Hope to meet you both soon in Melbourne. Take care xx


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