Valparaiso graffiti tour

Normally when you think of graffiti you think of vandalism for the most part, but there is a very different and talented artist side to it as well; And Valparaiso has some amazing examples of this talent.

This one is another photo based one rather than a writing based one, as it is just nice to appreciate the talent of the people that have created these works of art on the street walls of Valparaiso. Well we think so anyway.

Plus, me and kumu are rubbish at understanding art, so would do it no favours trying to explain it….

There were quite a few photos for this one so we have created a Google photo album instead.

One photo I will include here is the one of how we felt going up one of the ancient elevators. They are pretty scetchy, but way better than walking up the steep hills time and time again!


CaYf Rikki

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