Blog writing was harder than we thought…

So, it’s been  while since we last posted. Well, a long while in fact! We started out with the intention that we would be able to upload our posts as we go and keep our friends and family updated with our going on. This hasn’t quite happened unfortunately, and now we are super behind. Between internet issues, app issues (just tech in general really) and finding time where we were just sat still , was quite hard in the last few months of our travel. Plus we didn’t want to just spend time staring at a tablet screen writing when we had a bit of down time.

Anyway, enough with the whys and the excuses, we have made it to Melbourne and are now in a better place to get back on it and finish our entries. There’s probably another 25 to get done… (I told you we were behind!).

So over the next few weeks and months we will be catching up and getting our travel story back on track. Just as a mini update to where we are now

— Peru, Ecuador and Colombia are brilliant countries (lots of stories to tell from these).

— North America was fantastic, we (Rikki did all the driving) drove around 6500km in 9 days

— Australia so far is very nice and we are on the job hunt.




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